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Armadillos is named after a Spanish word meaning “little armored one”which suits them very well seeing that they are the only mammal with a hard shell. 

Little Armadillos usually keep their distance from humans but can sometimes be found on the side of roads. Occasionally this little creatures can wonder a long and hard road without any water near by. This is what happened when motorcyclist Nelson Cardoso was heading home from work. While driving on a Brazilian highway, Cardoso spotted an armadillo looking a bit lost and tired. 

“He was about to cross the street, and the traffic was constant. I stopped the bike to get him out of there.” Cardoso had to approach the little creature with care as Armadillos tend to jump straight up into the air when they are startled which unfortunately, leads to many of them being killed when they leap and hit the undercarriage of vehicles on highways. 

Cardoso was surprised by what happened next. After he parked his motorbike, the little armadillo walk straight towards him. “They’re wild animals. Normally, they’re skittish. But he approached me without fear.” 

Considering that it was a very hot day, Cardoso grabbed some water and began pouring it over the animal. Soon enough the little tired and thirsty armadillo began to drink the water straight from Cardoso’s hands. Cardoso captured the sweet moment on video and shared it on TikTok, where it now has over two million views. “It was a great pleasure. Being able to help him was very gratifying.”

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