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Artists and photographers get their inspiration from various places, including nature itself. However, photographer Dean Mason has had an unusual model as his muse for the past four years. Mason has been exploring nature and found his new muse to be a harvest mouse. 

Well, not all mice are adorable, but these pint-sized rodents have large ears and eyes, as well as short whiskers that make them quite photogenic. The loveable tiny harvest mouse is half the size of a regular house mouse, and they are incredibly more acrobatic. 

What makes a harvest mouse more fascinating is its curious and charming behaviour. Mason photographs these active mice as they scurry up thin plant stems and balance expertly on tiny flower blossoms. 

They can run up small flower stems due to their prehensile tail, which helps with balance. Their broad feet are adapted to climbing too. They've even evolved a partially opposable outer toe to help grip on thin stems. 

As a professional photographer, Mason captures the small details and fascination of these athletic mice. Not only does their athletic ability make them incredible to photograph, but also their curious personalities and love of people. 

"They make you smile due to their sheer size and behaviour. Photographing them is an absolute joy, albeit very challenging as they tend to move rather quickly when active!" 

As his love grew for these tiny yet incredible creatures, Mason based his whole business around them. His company, Windows on Wildlife, runs 
photography workshops that allow others to experience the joy of photographing these fascinating animals.

These mice will definitely bring joy to anyone as they snuggle into a dandelion, hang out in a small clubhouse or explore massive mushrooms along the way. "I get many emails and messages from social media followers thanking me for brightening their day and for making them smile… I can ask no more than that!" 

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