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A striking new Starbucks has opened in Daegu, South Korea, brining much more history than your normal Starbucks layout. The unique setting is inside a very traditional Korean home, timber hanok, which has over 100 years of history. 

The store strikes the perfect harmony between the future and the past by keeping the integrity of the structure of the traditional wood beams, rafters, floors, and roof, and modernising the interior. The interior is lit up by natural light beaming in. To make the visit more relaxing the designers incorporated dry gardens and 20 seats into the parquet for people to sip their coffee while looking at the outdoor garden and relaxing.

However, music also plays an important role in the relaxing vibe of this unique Starbucks. Starbucks Korea announced their partnership with Bang & Olufsen, and seeing that the city of Daegu is considered a music capital, it is only fitting that the store incorporates a custom Bang & Olufsen sound system which is elegantly placed in one corner of the store.

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