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Getting a pet is a big commitment. Not only are you responsible for your own well-being, but also for the little furry life that you adopt into your family. And almost like kids, pets also change your life. This is especially true if you adopt a cat or a dog after previously living without an animal in your home. Having a furry friend requires all sorts of considerations such as where to place your shoes as they do like to go for those. Even though having a pet fills your life with tremendous joy, it also brings its own challenges.

Taiwanese artist John (aka @mai2john) showcases different challenges and obstacles pet owners have to face in his series of what life before and after getting pets are like. In a series of side-by-side illustrations, John depicts scenarios that compare how your home and everyday activities has changes since the presence of a pet.

I think one that we all can relate to the is the big difference in the cleanliness of your home. One of his drawings highlights how prior to having a dog, your home can be kept relatively clean. But once there are pups, hijinks ensue as chewed up toys and trash are strewn about the floor. Another clever illustration depicts how the meaning and the activity of scooping has changes. You might have spent your days scooping sand for sandcastles, well after having a pet, this activity involves another type of scooping.

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