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For pet lovers, one of the warmest feeling in the world is when your beloved pet comes to check up on you and greet his favourite human by showering you in licks and tail wiggles or even a “hee-haw” or two. 

An adorably vocal donkey named Hank, lives a happy and loved life at Triple Brook Farm in Ball Ground, Georgia. One of his favourite things to do in the morning is to wish his human  Tabatha (and all the other animals) a good morning. This is usually accompanied by a loud series of brays to make sure everyone hears his good morning wishes. 

Hank’s cheery attitude and his gregarious nature are sure to brighten anyone’s day.

It’s hard not to smile when Hank “says” good morning. While Hank gets along with all the animals, he has become particularly close with Trip, one of the Great Pyrenees dogs at the farm.

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