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Ahren Belisle has brought his unique sense of humour to the comedian world despite being non-verbal. Belisle performs onstage using body language and speech technology.

According to an interview with 60 Second Docs, “Nonverbal comedian Ahren Belisle’s witty humour is conveyed using technology and physical performance. He spreads laughter through his platform, which has given him a voice in a way he’s never had before.”

Belisle was born with a form of cerebral palsy. This left him unable to form words, however, despite this shortcoming, Belisle has not let  this influence his dream as a comedian. Belisle has gone on to have a very successful career as an engineer, a comedian, and a life coach of sorts.

"I’m Ahren the comedian! I’m a disabled man who’s been though a lot. I got a degree as a mute disabled man, got jobs and now work as a senior solutions architect as a disabled man, and now I’m a comedian as well! I worked with coaches and therapists to overcome my very real and justified mental limitations with life, anxiety, depression and my toxic tendencies. my intention with my comedy and my content is to spread joy and education through humour”

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