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The ocean is a wonderful and mysterious place with amazing sea life. Some, which are very eager to welcome and greet visitors. 

One of these friendly visitors was a beautiful giant pacific octopus who greeted a group of divers. While enjoying their diving trip in the waters of Campbell River in Vancouver, a giant Pacific octopus swam up to photographer Andrea Humphreys and her friends, and began giving out great big hugs. 

Humphreys, who is an experienced diver, was thrilled with her extremely close encounter.

“I lost track at 6 times of it coming to engage with me! On my camera, on my body with tentacles and suckers on my lips (yes I did end up with an octopus hickey!!). You can hear my squeals of excitement and amazement! A once in a lifetime moment and I feel so blessed that this amazing creature gave me the opportunity to have this encounter."

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