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Are you feeling worse for wear after a big night last night? Well then, an hour of funny videos while in bed with a Bloody Mary should see you right.

It never gets old, watching funny videos. Whether it be a kitten turning a bowl of milk into a rather messy toy or a dude failing on his BMX, having a good laugh always makes us feel better.

Other top-class hilarious videos include narcoleptic kids, grandparents on hoverboards and ridiculous TikTok clips. Sometimes it's handyman fails, like drilling holes in a kitchen cupboard but forgetting to remove the condiments behind the door first. Other times, it's uncoordinated teenagers trying to be sporty.

So, get yourself something refreshing to hydrate yourself with, and prepare for an hour of laughs as we watch funny videos. Let's be honest, watching others be cute or fail, whether they humans or beasts, is always good for the soul.

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