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When Japanese innovation comes to mind, we usually think of the country's cutting-edge technological advancements. But Japanese agriculture is proving to be equally innovative. In fact, Japanese farmers in Hokkaido have just announced the development of a new fruit, lemon melon. 

Lemon melons are reportedly round like watermelons, but the surface is  mostly firm yellow-green, without the texture and dark colour of melons and watermelons. The greatest impact occurs after cutting  open.  Lemon melons are not brightly coloured and are white inside. It is sweet yet has a sour taste of lemon, which is  perfect for  summer. It has a crisp pear-like texture when picked, but softens as it matures.

The interesting fruit was developed by Suntory Flowers, the horticultural division of Suntory, a multinational brewing and distilling group. The Lemon Melon Blend was born after many experiments with cultivation methods and harvest times. We've been working on this development for the past five years, but this year is the first time we've been able to sell it.

Lemon melon looks very delicious, but don't expect it to be readily available. This  new fruit is grown by five farmers in Furano, Hokkaido, with a limited quantity of approximately 3,800 per season. Some supermarkets in Sapporo sell them for 3,218 yen ($22.34) each. If successful, it could become part of Japan's premium fruit market in the long run. Its unique sweet and sour taste can now only be dreamed of.

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