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Forget about retirement villages or RVs, as more and more seniors are turning to purchase tiny homes to spend their retirement. 

A survey conducted in 2015 found that 30% of tiny home residents were between the age of 51 and 70 years old. This showed that more senior citizens are choosing to live in a tiny home. After the results of the survey, more companies started specialising in small residences that are equipped with comforts specially designed for this unique demographic.

Bette Presley decided to leave her RV  behind and downsize to a tiny home in 2013 at age 72. Still wanting to be mobile but have the feeling of home, her 166-square-foot cabin allows her to live off the grid, thanks to solar panels, and was built on wheels so she can live life on the open road.

However, not all tiny houses provides mobility to the owner. In the case of Shirley Louiselle, it was less about mobility and more about downsizing. Her 240-square-tiny home was built by her grandson, which also inspired him to start his own business Next Door Housing. The company incorporates senior-friendly touches, like low countertops and cupboards, and wheelchair accessible bathrooms. 

Another company focusing on alternative homes to assisted living is MEDCottage. The company’s “granny pods,” are built with smart systems which reminds seniors to take their medication. These adorable little homes can be purchased as RV friendly homes or simply installed on a plot of land.

Some seniors aren't thinking of these homes as a retirement plan, but rather a smart business move. The Sausage Nonnas are three Italian grandmothers who travel in their small houses in order to cook up a storm for an event called Sausage Sundays.

Is tiny homes a cute alternative to retirement villages? 

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