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Social media has been used for quite some time now, and has been used by people trying to fit in or stand out by posting the most hilarious lies. So, when the liars start spouting their lies, the trolls come in to knock them down.

There's nothing like seeing people get trolled on the internet for posting their obvious lies on the internet, and getting roasted for it.

Here is some of the people trying to pull off some pretty stupid lies and getting caught in the process.

1) Trying to fool the Star Wars Fans


2) The 9/11 Drama Queen


3) Painting the filter 


4) Haha, I-funny!


5) Who you trying to fool with your sharpie?


6) Knowing the famous


7) Breaking the running record... of lies


8) Like mother like grandmother


9) Getting an A for attendance – somewhere else but not in class


10) The measles factory

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