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The famous and brilliant classical music composer Mozart is one of the most well-known child music prodigies. Mozart began writing his own compositions at the young age of only 5-years-old. It seems like another 5-year-old piano prodigy is following in his footsteps and has been bringing his music to life. 

Five-year-old Italian piano prodigy Alberto Cartuccia Cingolani has recently blown away his audience with a masterful rendition of Mozart's Piano Sonata No. 16 in C major, at the 10th International Musical Competition in Penne, in the Abruzzo region. The video of the prodigy’s amazing performance quickly went viral, reaching over 5 million views on Twitter.  

Cingolani comes from a musical family based in the Marche region in central Italy. His father works as a teacher and his mother is a singing instructor. At the age of three, his parents introduced him to the piano and quickly spotted his natural talent for the instrument. Starting with 10 minute practice session, his training and skills gradually increased as Cingolani matured.

Alberto's mother, Alessia Cingolani explained, “He started playing during the months of the first lockdown. I was always at home, so we started playing with a small keyboard, in order to do something stimulating. From there I realised that Alberto was well suited. Doing this, my husband and I noticed that he had perfect pitch. For a year and a half now, Alberto has been doing remarkable things, both for his age and for the time it took him to learn. Even though he still doesn't know how to read music notes well, indeed almost not at all, he takes his position on the keyboard and repeats the pieces. He is very instinctive.” 

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