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Graphic design has over the years evolved significantly, bring more clear and clever illustrations, animations and visuals to light.  A very talented videographer and illustrator has brought yet again a humour and well designed animated video series. 

Mike Salcedo shared his new darkly humorous animated series, “Alphabet Lore”, which features a very sharp-toothed letter “F” terrorises the remaining letters of the alphabet. The visuals and design of each letter and the scenes in the animated series is definitely in the top rated for graphics.

With their striking visuals, each letter of the alphabet is being attacked by the sharp-toothed letter F. As they try to defend themselves, F still managed to win a few. You might notice a similar story line. Just like the villain character from The Avengers movie, Thanos, the letter F gained power by collecting punctuation marks of different colours. 

The rest of the letters attempted to fight back by spelling out words like “cab”, “map”, “coward”, and “gun”, but in the end, it was meek little “N” who got the final revenge.

Salcedo explained that this final project started out with him only trying to animate one letter of the alphabet each day. “Here’s A-Z(…) of my Alphabet Series! This started as a simple “try to animate one thing per day” exercise and got wayyy out of hand.”

However, the final project definitely blew the viewer’s mind and bring a very hilarious and interesting way for adults to remember their ABC’s. 

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