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The monarch butterfly is definitely one of the most breathtaking species on the planet, known for its gorgeous unmistakable pattern on its delicate wings. A mass migration takes places every winter during the butterflies’ life span. This migration brings millions of monarchs to Mexico and California.

Even though not all of the butterflies make it to the nice sunny locations, these millions of butterflies can surely make some noise on their arrival. To answer the question posted by nature host Phil Torres of The Jungle Diaries,  “How many butterflies does it take to make a noise in the woods?” The answer is several million. 

However, these gorgeous monarch butterflies is facing extinction. Their population continues to decline and has decreased with 26% from last year’s count. Monarchs are threatened by pesticides, climate change, urban sprawl, and illegal logging of the forests.  

Imagine a few million butterflies flapping their wings. These millions of butterflies can create a magnificent sound. Torres was able to capture the amazing sound of created by a swarm of butterflies in a Mexican forest.  

As the sun warms up the insects, the multicoloured creatures take flight all at once. Torres’ compares this sound to a beautiful waterfall. Watch the video down below to witness the beautiful calming sound of these magnificent butterflies.

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