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Turning his attention away from the normal genre of movie stars and fairy tale stories, the Italian illustrator Federico Babina, focused on a more deeper emotional story which most of us can relate to. Babina used his talent to cleverly illustrate the deep emotions experienced by those experiencing mental illness. In his new series, which he named Archiatric, Babina's architectural illustrations deeply demonstrate the deep feelings and emotions as well as empathy for sufferers of psychological disorders, such as OCD, depression, phobias and dementia, to name a few. 

Babina has touched on 16 different mental health struggles and has illustrated each with its own unique hidden emotions attached to the disorders. His drawings gives visual representation to some of the mental illnesses that affect millions daily. “I don’t want to put a romantic aura around the discomfort and suffering of mental illness. but rather to make a reflection on the prejudices and negative stigmas with which the pathologies of the mind are often observed.”With simple lines and a clear message, the artist quietly and elegantly explores different disorders. Each disorder is symbolised as a house which is our mental environments, and hidden beneath is the cleverly illustrated emotions drawn-out in lines.

Babina has also created a short video with music by composer Elisabet Raspall. As the melody moves, so does each image, animating into its chosen illness. 

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