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With the 2021 Oscars around the corner, we wanted to check on the truth behind some of the rumours about strict rules that even the celebs have to follow.

If you’re a celeb who wants to go for a bathroom or smoke break, you have to wait for a commercial break, just like the other people in the theatre. You also can’t just return to your seat when you’re done as a seat-filler will be sitting in your seat to ensure no empty seats are seen on screen.

No one, not even celebs are allowed to bring food into the theatre. While hosts have tried their best to keep celebs fed during the marathon awards show, it was only approved because it formed part of the host’s script.

Both men and women are expected to dress in formal attire. Men have to wear suits and women full length gowns.

Most celebs like to talk about themselves and their movies but, when it comes to the Oscars, even they have to follow the rules. With the average time of the actual ceremony being four hours, producers have to stop every award winner at 45 seconds.

Well, everyone except Julia Roberts, who got away with a four-minute thank you speech when she won her Best Actress award in 2001 for her role in Erin Brokovich.

Watch the OSSA video below for more strict rules that even celebs have to adhere to at the Oscars.

Image credit: LA Times

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