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Sweet Tilly G and Skippy was once homeless, but as faith would have it, they were both adopted into the same big rescue pet family where their friendship immediately started to bloom. From the very beginning, they have been best friends.

The pair’s mom explained, “Tilly G and Skippy bonded the moment they met. They were instantly drawn to each other for some reason. The moment they met was like love at first sight. And now they are inseparable. It's hard to describe, you just have to see it and see them together.”

Now living together, Tilly G and Skippy has all the time to be together and they make sure of it by constantly hanging out all day long. The pair’s favourite hobbies together includes snacking, napping, sunbathing together and following each other everywhere. 

Adorable pup Skippy especially loves to show how much he loves his tortoise brother by constantly giving him kisses and head pats. However, there is one special and favourite way Skippy loves to demonstrate his love and care for his brother and that is bringing  Tilly G his most prized possessions. Which is of course sticks.

Skippy presents Tilly G with his gift by running all around Tilly G with his stick he found. However, usually the tortoise is less impressed with the stick, but that doesn’t get Skippy down. “Pretty much anytime Skippy finds a stick in the yard, he prances over to show it to Tilly G. Tilly G wants nothing to do with Skippy's sticks. Tilly G will only get interested if it is a collard green stick or piece of romaine lettuce.”

Even though Tilly G don’t have the same appreciation for sticks than his brother, he also doesn’t mind the gesture and well, Skippy will never stop bringing them to him. He loves both sticks and his brother so much and by combining them just makes sense. 

Watch the sweet video Skippy and Tilly G's mom shared on TikTok showing Skippy and his special gifts for his brother: https://www.tiktok.com/@tillygthetortoise/video/7068093383113362735?is_from_webapp=1&sender_device=pc

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