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A sweet pup in Texas recently lighted up several residents’ day while having the best time of his life. A TikTok user was lucky to witness the joy of the pup while out running errands near her home in Texas. TikTok user @perzefeny caught a glimpse of joy in its purest form thanks to this pup enjoying the public fountain. 

While leaving a nearby building, @perzefeny heard loud splashing sounds coming from the fountain. It was then when it all became clear as to who is making this sounds. And how cute it was. "I was just passing by and saw the dog jumping into the fountain. It was so endearing."

Without any care in the world, the joyful pup splish splashed through the fountain waters as though it was the best thing in the world. It was clear he was out living his very best life. 

The pup’s owner was standing close by watching his pup enjoying every moment. The pup's antics also quickly attracted the attention of others, who soon began closing in to observe the care free actions and joyfulness of the pup. 

By simply being his fun-loving self, and enjoying the smaller things in life, the pup made the world a happier place. "It made my day and other people's who stopped to watch as well.”

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