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An Italy-based artist Golsa Golchini just proved once again that art comes in various different forms, and canvases. Golchini is well known for her talent in painting tiny masterpieces on unusual canvases. Her latest series involves transforming her own hand into a unique work of art. Each creative piece painted on her hand covers her fingers, palm and wrists, and features realistic renditions of miniature figures, animals, objects, and nature. 

Golchini makes use of her hands forms and lines, and in fact uses the unconventionality of her canvas to the idea's advantage. What makes her painting come to life is the way the scenes interact with her body. In one piece the artist painted, she painted around two of her fingers to give the illusion of a pair of legs.

In another masterpiece Golchini adds a tiny silver chain around her middle finger which serves as a single swing which is occupied by a blue-haired girl.

There seem to be no limitations for Golchini’s imagination when it comes to painting on a body part. Her recent series only proves that her imagination holds a limitless number of paintings which can be added to one's own skin. Even though some of her paintings are far beyond impressive and requires tremendous skill, some of them are quite simple. 

In one of het paintings, a herd of cows are “eating” the green paint on her hand which incorporates the unpainted areas in a very clever way. Another hand painting features a figure that is scrubbing away the blue paint in the centre of her palm.

Golchini has only proved that art comes in all forms shapes and sizes, and that the simplest art can also make for some of the most mesmerising paintings. 

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