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It's hard to imagine that these actors had a different life before Big Bang Theory, and most of them didn't even dream of having a career in acting.

Can you guess which of these BBT actors had the dream to become a musician and who would be a US Open Tennis champion if it wasn't for their acting career? Let's take a look at the life of one of these stars before becoming famous, the rest can be seen in the video below.

Jim Parsons – Sheldon Cooper
What a person wants to do for the rest of their lives is often clear in their early childhood days or at least that's what Jim Parsons claims, and he does have the right to say so as he started his acting career in high school appearing in 17 plays in three years.

Besides acting the most famous TV series actor has another hobby, playing the piano. Parsons took piano lessons in kindergarten until college, using the instrument to express his excess energy saying "My mother says I would come home from school and I wasn't even worth talking to until I'd played for 40 minutes first".

Before Jim Parsons became Sheldon Cooper he worked as an off-Broadway theatre artist, having appeared in several TV commercials and minor shows such as Judging Amy and Garden State. Parsons estimated that he auditioned for 15-30 TV pilots but many that he was cast in either failed to find a TV network to purchase them. The exception being The Big Bang Theory, and now he's a star.

See the video below for more of the cast's past before BBT.

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