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If you're a fan of Netflix's The Circle, then you've probably also wondered about some things. Like, how long does it take to get a message out to other contestants, and are you allowed to go out of your apartment at all?

BuzzFeed sat down with one of the contestants to ask her the ins and outs of what happens behind the scenes. We're not going to disclose her name though, as it might be a spoiler for those of you who haven't seen season two yet. You're welcome.

The audition process isn't just a form that has to be filled in and then you wait to hear if you've been picked. It's an entire process including making a tape, various interviews, questionnaires, and even psychological testing.

Although some of the exterior shots look very similar to Los Angeles and other United States cities, The Circle is actually filmed near the city of Manchester in the United Kingdom.

Food and drinks are one of the things that keep people upbeat and excited, so that's probably why the producers ask each contestant beforehand what they want to eat and drink while they're on the show. Even if contestants run out, the producers ensure that they're fully stocked up again within an hour.

Contestants can leave their apartments when they ask to do so, but it has to be well organised by the producers so that they can't run into one another. There's a hot tub, yoga room and gym that contestants can make use of.

While there are no limits to how many conversations a contestant can have during the day, Chloe Veitch admitted that it took her a few days to get used to sending text messages by only speaking.

Watch The Things Reality video below for more on Chloe Veitch's experience during the filming of the second season of The Circle.

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