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Everyone is different. Everyone wants different things. Different people have different desires, different fantasies, and VERY different ideas of sexy.


If you’ve slept with a guy or two (or twenty), you’ll know that sex has a lot to do with compromise. You may want different things in the bedroom, but you can combine them to make your teamwork have a happy ending for both of you!


The thing is, some people have very out-of-the-box triggers that turn them on. No judgement boys – us girls have them too. Perhaps it’s a fetish, perhaps it’s something you’ve never tried, or perhaps you simply want her to lick your armpit.


Yes, that’s right. That’s a thing. We didn’t believe it either but, after doing a survey on the strangest things guys have asked a girl to do in bed, we don’t know what to believe anymore!


We took a number of girls and asked them what the weirdest thing their lovers have ever asked them to do and they, graciously and anonymously, did us the favour. But, we promise, we were NOT expecting to hear things like this…


“My boyfriend and I had been having some issues with sex for a while, so I asked him to tell me his biggest fantasy and promised I would do it. He told me that he wanted me to lick his hairy armpit! Even though I knew it was weird, I kept to my promise. Halfway through, he asked if I would pull out his armpit hairs with my teeth. He’s my ex-boyfriend now.”


I mean… can you IMAGINE?? Girl, we don’t blame you. That’s a lot of body extremity that shouldn’t ever have to enter your mouth. And speaking of which…


“I slept with this guy who had long hair that he wore in a ponytail (it wasn’t a problem, I like that). But then we were in bed once, and he asked me to give a blowjob to his ‘man bun’. I started laughing because I thought he was joking but he wasn’t. It was the most awkward “job” I have ever performed.”


Again, what is it with this whole hair in the mouth thing? During sex, any hair that enters your mouth is usually an unpleasant mistake. NOT a desired result. But, hey, each man to his own!


This one really caught our eye…


“My boyfriend really wanted to try anal sex with me but I made it very clear throughout our relationship that it’s not something I want to ever try. He was very disappointed until he came up with what he called “a solution for the both of us” – we have to do doggy style, with me on my hands and knees, and I must pretend that we’re having anal sex by talking dirty about my ass. I love him, but does this mean he’s gay?”


Woah. As if dirty talk isn’t awkward enough… 


“I slept with this guy once that had a foot fetish. I had always heard that some guys had foot fetishes but had never really experienced it. I decided I would be open-minded about it, but when asked me put my big toe up his ass – I quickly got outta there!”


Girl, you must be grateful that that was a one night stand. Finding that kind of stuff out 3 years into a relationship would be an outright fucking disaster.


We saw a lot of strange bed-requests, but we’ve saved the best for last…


“I dated this guy for a while who asked me to name his penis and before we had foreplay or sex, I had to speak to it for a while using an accent to get him hard.”


Have you stopped laughing yet ladies? Because we haven’t!


The point is, there are clearly a LOT of crazies out there… so make sure you pick up those red flags before you say “I do”!




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