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It is common that certain objects or items have different names in certain countries. For example, a pancake which is also commonly known in other countries as a crepe. But did you know that the common eggplant also has another word for it? It is also known as an aubergine. 

Linguist Rob Watts of RobWords has previously shared some useful tips for translating French into English, and has recently came back with a brilliant explanation as to why some countries describe the long purple nightshade as an eggplant while others refer to it as an aubergine.

He explained that due to the fruit’s similarities to an hanging egg when it is growing, it has been given the name eggplant.

Eggplant has been used in several countries such as the US, Canada, and Australia. However, other countries such as the UK and Ireland, use the term aubergine, which was derived from the Arabic word Al-Badigjan. There is also a third name it is being called. The term “brinjal” is used in India, Singapore, Malaysia, and South Africa.

“I quickly explain why that big purple fruit (and it is a fruit) is called an “eggplant” in the US, Canada and Australia, an “aubergine” in the UK and Ireland and a “brinjal”.”
There is however other names for the interesting plant which is not that well-known. For instance, in Portuguese, it is a “beringela”, in Italian, it is a “melanzana”, in Russian, it is a “baklazhan”, and in Austria, they call it “melanzani”.

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