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Not all of us have the nicest handwriting, and those who try to adapt to new styles of writing or just for the fun of it, might have notice that it is not always as easy as it seems. 

However, for three-year-old named Gao Yubo and his eight-year-old cousin Gao Yuxuan who live in Heilongjiang, northeastern China, the skill of calligraphy came natural. These two have become skilled calligraphy prodigies. This skill developed after watching and studying adults around them practicing the ancient craft. 

At one point, Yuxuan helped to guide Yubo’s hand in the shape of a word. Yubo started his writing skills much earlier than other babies. To be exact, Yubo’s mother Miao stated that he wrote his first word at the age of one.

“Gao Yubo picked up the skills by observing his mother. He wrote his first word when he was just one. …The youngsters learned how to write calligraphy by mimicking us adults because both Yuxuan’s parents and my husband and I are calligraphers…To them, it might feel like playing a game.”

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