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If you're looking for a good laugh, then check out these top 100 sports bloopers of the decade.

Sports fans are a passionate bunch, supporting their favourite teams all around the world and, more often than not, are treated to a showcase of skill and determination.

It's not always like that though, because sometimes even our heroes get it wrong. Sometimes it's just plain bad luck when other times it is just poor decision making.

In the video below, we take a look at the top 100 sports bloopers of the decade, from American football to soccer, tennis to golf, ice hockey, basketball and more. And, it's not just the players making a fool of themselves, often the fans or cameramen are the ones on the receiving end of the calamity.

I mean, who can forget when Usain Bolt was ridden over by a cameraman on a segway after winning a race in China. And what about that time during the Tour De France, when one of the officials in a car sideswiped the leaders, knocking over Antonio Fletcher and causing Johnny Hoogerland to somersault into a barbed-wire fence.

Then, there's the time kicker, Cody Parkley, hit the uprights four times in an American football match against the Detroit Lions. And what golf fan can ever forget Ernie Els scoring a sextuple bogey on the first hole of the 2016 Masters.

There are also a lot of clips of media people taking a ball to the scrotum or the head, not to mention random dogs saving shots off the goal line. It's all in here, so we suggest you sit back and enjoy the top 100 sports bloopers of the decade.

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