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The internet is full of information and stories about celebrities, most of them probably trash but, hey, we believe them anyway.

GQ sent Trevor Noah on an undercover mission: To correct information about him written by unknown people. Well, if you get the man himself to add or edit the information, it’s going to be right.

First up, Trevor went to Wikipedia and changed some facts about the reason why it was illegal for his parents to have an interracial child like him.

Next up, the comedian went to the source of all information related to movies: IMDB. Trevor was impressed with the fact that he was called a polyglot (a person who can speak several languages) but had to correct whoever wrote the article and even called it "excessive".

According to him, his fluency in German is dependent on how drunk he is. Jawol!

One of the facts that IMDB got right is that he is a huge fan of rollercoasters. He even added that he loves to go on rollercoasters with people who hate to go on them.

Twitter was the next location on his undercover mission. He went ahead and answered several questions posed to him by random users on the social media platform.

When a fan starts with "I know you probably won’t see this…" you can imagine their surprise when they get a reply to their question.

The host of The Daily Show even took a stab at the United States and their use of Fahrenheit instead of Celsius when he answered the strange question about what the temperature in his department is.

Watch the GQ video below for more funny stuff from the local comedian who has made it big in Hollywood.

Image credit: Netflix

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