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Two best friends and brothers, Leyla and Bear is one of the best pair of pups to be friends. These two always know how to have the very best of times by spending them together. And to prove that they always have more fun together, Leyla and Bear has invented their own way of playing a classic game of fetch.  

After living in an apartment for years, the two dogs and their family finally was able to move to a new home, which also came with some new opportunities for the pups to have fun. With the much bigger space, they can actually play fetch inside. But on their very unique way.

Kristine Lequerique, the dogs’ owner, stated to a different media site, “We started by throwing the ball upstairs from the living room, so they would have to run up and down the stairs.”

But the real fun only started one day after clever Leyla decided to stay upstairs after the ball was thrown. Instead if running back down to return the ball for another round, she  “passed” it to Bear instead who was waiting down below. This made the game equally fun for everyone and evidently less tiring which means the game can go on for longer.

Lequerique was stunned after seeing this form of fetch Leyla and Bear created. “I was so surprised,” she said. “Then it just kept going from there.”

Since the two came up with their own game, all earlier forms of fetch have been tossed out the window, and the two haven’t looked back since. “This happens all day, every day. They can go for hours or until we stop. Then they just continue to throw the ball at you until we start again. They’re so smart.”

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