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For fun-loving dog Lucy, her favourite things in this world she enjoys more than anything else is playing at the beach with her family, and off course her absolute favourite and beloved tennis ball.

Lucy and her ball are like two peas in a pod, well for Lucy anyways. However during a recent outing on the beach with her family, an unimaginable thing happened. Lucy’s good time with her cherished toy was unexpectedly cut short. On the day while Lucy and her family were enjoying their time at the shore near their home in South Africa, they caught the attention of someone very unexpected. A curious octopus made his way close to shore to inspect the scene a bit further. After a while the eight-armed animal revealed what it was that interested him most. 

This came as a shock to poor Lucy as the poor pup never would have guessed the octopus’s next move. Riette Creighton, Lucy's owner shed some light on the event, and said, ”High tide was coming in, and all of a sudden this octopus swam across in the shallow water.” 

Lucy, who was clearly surprised by the encounter, dropped her ball in the water where she stood. "All of a sudden we saw the octopus grabbing the ball. I think my reaction was the same as Lucy’s! I’ve never experienced anything like it. This was just next level!"

Little Lucy had no choice but to watch how the octopus take her favourite ball into his belonging. 

Watch the cute video here: https://www.facebook.com/690757036/videos/10169231480172037/

Too everyone’s surprise, the octopus seemed to enjoy the tennis ball just as much as Lucy did. Which also meant he wasn’t about to return the beloved ball just yet. Or ever. After playing and handling the ball near the surface for quite some time, the octopus decided to take his new possession back home to enjoy it further. 

"He wrapped his tentacle around the ball and disappeared!" Creighton said. "We stood there for about 20 minutes, hoping the ball would surface, but no luck. It was gone!"

Considering that tennis balls are buoyant, the octopus must have clearly loved the new find and must have been gripping it quite carefully as he carried it into the depths. 

Even though Lucy’s favourite ball was now lost forever, her day at the beach wasn't totally ruined by it. She just went on playing, unbothered by the fact that someone else now had her toy. Almost as though she knew that the octopus will have great joy with her ball and that gave her a sense of relief. 

"She is such a gentle soul.” 

There’s no way of knowing what the octopus was planning on doing with the ball, but Creighton has a guess: "He's probably playing fetch with his buddies.”

And for adorable Lucy, well she is back at it with a new favourite toy. ”She was back in the water the next day with a brand-new ball!"

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