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The team at Gateway Pet Guardians quickly sprang to rescue after they received a call about a pair of stray dogs residing together in an abandoned house. What made this rescue even more urgent, was that a winter storm was making his way closer and closer, putting the dogs in danger. 

The team rushed to try and get the dogs safely into the care of the rescue before the storm hit if possible. Unfortunately the poor pups were too afraid to let anyone near them, and kept running from the rescuers. After three days, while getting stuck in the middle of the storm, both dogs were finally rescued and brought to safety. 

Once the pups were rescued the team discovered that they saved a lot more than just two pups as the one dog was very pregnant. As soon as the couple dogs, who has been named Papa Memphis and Norma Jean, knew they were safe, they started to warm up to the rescuers and showed their loveable personalities. The two were so relieved to be out of the cold and somewhere safe where they could eventually welcome their babies in peace.

“Both were scared initially, but what's pretty amazing when rescuing dogs like that is once you get them inside with you, they leave their survival mode, start to relax and become typical dogs again,” said Brittany Fleming, adoption and foster manager at Gateway Pet Guardians. She added, “Both of them stopped being scared and were loving and acting like any typical dog. With the big storm, two of our staff members stayed overnight because the roads were going to be too bad for them to make it the next day. So they slept with Norma on an air mattress.”

After the team examined Norma Jean, it became clear that the puppies were due very soon. The team decided to do a maternity shoot with the beautiful expecting pup and Papa Memphis before the pups finally show. Both dogs were overjoyed to hang out with their new favourite people and to be able to relax at each other’s side during the shoot. 

“Norma was comfortable on the bed during her photo shoot and then Papa came over and laid right in front of her. It was not staged at all. They definitely enjoyed it because they were out of their kennels and got to relax in the room with me for a while, plus they got lots of special treats. Papa kept pawing at me for pets, and Norma took a nap.”

Once the shoot was over, the initial plan was for Norma Jean to go to her foster home the following day to deliver her pups in peace. However the puppies seemed to have a plan of their own. That following morning after the shoot Norma Jean surprised everyone with her newborn puppies, who appeared as though the pups got their looks from their dad. Which Papa Memphis would be super proud off. 

Papa Memphis, Norma Jean and her puppies are all at foster homes and doing great. Once Norma Jean is done nursing, and the pups are big enough, both she and her puppies will be up for adoption as well. 

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