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Sawnee Dog Retreat is an incredibly popular doggy day care and boarding facility where every dog definitely wants to spend its time. The day care will often have dozens of dogs who comes to visit all at once. As they say the more the merrier. And this pups definitely don’t mind spending time and playing with the plenty of friends. 

However, there is one activity this pups enjoy more than anything - playing in the huge yard outside. When the time comes for the dogs to be let out into the yard, Rawson Livezey, the owner of Sawnee Dog Retreat, loves to film each moment of the innocent moment which turns into an adorable stampede.

One day when around 85 dogs came to visit for the day, Livezey set up his camera to capture the magnificent stampede of fluffy tails and bouncy ears. For the most part of the video, the dogs are captured athletically leaping through the air over the camera, excitedly making their way outside to play. However the moment adorable little pup named Copper came along, it became a different ball game.

Copper is a beautiful Brittany spaniel who can’t contain his joy and excitement when it comes to playing outside with his friends all day long. As he ran towards the yard, he tried to take a shortcut by jumping over some of the dogs running next to him. His plan unfortunately didn’t exactly work out as he had hoped for.

Instead of calmly gliding over the other dogs or just running along side with them, Copper decided to rather slam into them which sent him flying right into the camera. Livezey and the rest of the staff always supervise the ‘stampede’ and was standing nearby to quickly go and make sure Copper was OK, which he luckily was. In fact he was not even a little embarrassed, and just continued on the journey to start the playing. 

“He just hopped right up after his tumble and kept on playing.” 

The Dodo recently shared the hilarious video on their page. Watch the cute stampede and moment little Cooper crashed into the camera here: https://www.thedodo.com/daily-dodo/video-of-dogs-running-outside-at-daycare-goes-wrong?jwsource=cl

Once the stampede was over and the dog went on playing, everyone watched the video and couldn’t stop laughing. It is clear to say that little Copper’s overconfidence ended up making it a million times better.

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