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The world is a beautiful place, filled with mesmerising views for all to explore. We all remember the moment we first discovered something beautiful, such as a shooting star. Not taking our eyes off it and trying to capture each and every moment of the unique and new view. Adorable pup named Marquette recently got to experience that feeling for himself. 

The fetch-loving pup never fails to get excited when she lays eyes on a ball. Any ball, and recently Marquette laid her eyes on a very different and specific ball. But what this pup didn’t realise, was just how far out of reach her new discovery is.  

One evening while she was on a walk with her owner, Gretchen Bach, Marquette spotted something glowing brightly in the blue sky. And like all ball lovers, she instantly became transfixed. "Marquette stopped in her tracks and started staring up at the sky. Originally, I thought she might be looking at a bird. But then realised she saw the moon."

While noticing the moon for the first time, the bright circle in the sky apparently seemed like a celestial tennis ball which in the pup's curious and wondering eyes, appeared to be on the verge of being tossed for her. And as always, Marquette was up and ready to play fetch with it.

"I was shocked she saw the moon! I think she wondered why there was something in the sky not moving! Perhaps she did think it was a ball. She chased it for probably 30 seconds.” After running around for a few seconds, the adorable pup begun to realise that the moon could not be caught. 

Click here to watch the adorable video of Marquette noticing the moon, which was published by The Dodo: https://www.thedodo.com/daily-dodo/woman-captures-the-moment-her-dog-first-discovers-the-moon

Much to Marquette’s disappointment, she didn't get to play fetch with the moon. But that evening, the curious pup eagerly gazed to the heavens, watching the beautiful ball in the heavens. Maybe one day she will get her dream moon ball, but for time being a regular old tennis ball will have to do. "I am very proud of her.”

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