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What would Instagram be without the countless yoga poses and hand/headstands labelled #yoga #yogi.

Believe it or not, there are some girls out there who still don't know anything about yoga or meditation. No one is denying that yoga is great for relaxation and flexibility as it allows you to breathe deeply but some girls just want to flop on the damn couch and have countless glasses of wine instead! Other times, people do yoga because punching someone is called assault and is just... illegal.

Yoga and meditation are also great for finding your centre but, to be quite frank, most of us do exercise to lose some our 'centre'. And of course men just do it because... yoga pants and butts in the air right?

Don't worry! Kelsey from Buzzfeed has your back and made a realistic meditation tutorial for those that still don't know how to (wine included).

Take two minutes out of your day and try meditation Kelsey's way!

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