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Everybody loves puppies but not everyone is ready for the responsibility that comes with looking after or, especially, breeding them. Luckily, this Pitbull puppy called Penny turned into the cutest success story that stole both ours and her owner's heart.

This is the story of a puppy who, at 3 days old, was too tiny to survive on her own while her mother was too young to look after her. Candice Miller came to the rescue and drove for two hours to save this Pitbull's life, hoping that by some miracle, her dogs would be able to help.

With a lot of love and patience, she slowly began to thrive. She opened her eyes one day and that was it! Trouble was coming in a tiny package. Once she learned what playing was, she couldn't sit still and then came the moment her foster mom had been dreading. Candice had to find Penny a forever home.

Well, its safe to say that Penny got the best home she could wish for and it wasn't long until Candice gave in and decided to keep her! The progress that this Pitbull has made will warm your heart while the before-and-after footage that will shock you!

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