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The "In My Feelings Challenge" has gotten way out of hand people!

The amount of times a day we hear Drake is just not healthy, not to mention the amount of sprained ankles and even car accidents that are happening! To be fair... these people are dancing in the middle of the road. You have to be prepared for the consequences!

Of course, there have been a lot of fake video's circulating of people getting hit by cars while doing the "In My Feelings Challenge" but it doesn't mean people should take this risk lightly. There is one particular video that was all too real where a man in Florida actually did get hit by a car while trying to do a stunt and jump on the hood of the car, slipped and literally got knocked over. Luckily he got away with a few scratches.

Some partners landed themselves in hot water when they drove off while their significant other was dancing (to be fair we would do this too! #stopkiki). But its not just dancing in the road that's dangerous, leaving a car unattended to roll down the road is another dumb idea... and let's all have a laugh at the one Kiki dancer who got robbed mid-challenge!

Just in case you're still thinking of trying it out, here are some of the best and most painful fails that might change your mind... or if you just want to laugh at people, that's cool too!

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