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As South Africans, we often take our delicious food, beverages and snacks for granted. We’ve got some pretty great tasting stuff here. Just ask the bunch of Irish people who got to taste our local produce.

The Try Channel got some average Irish folk to try everything from Crème Soda to Flings… and they loved it.

One thing we’ve realised is that South Africans have got quite the obsession with peppermint. We’ll add it to just about everything, and we’ve even got an entire dessert dedicated to it. You got the Peppermint Crisp tart reference there, right?

First up was the granadilla flavoured Twist and the Irish had no idea what a granadilla is. Once they were informed that it’s a passion fruit, they were into the idea of trying it.

Side note: Listen out for the pronunciation of the word kilojoule. Hilarious!

Next up was Mrs. H.S. Ball’s Chutney flavoured Simba chips. With the focus more on Mrs. Balls and her… well, balls, the verdict is still out on that one.

Crème Soda was a big hit among the tasting panel and so was Flings. Listen up for the hilarious line “Would you like a Fling?”

They also got to taste Nuttikrust biscuits and mint flavoured (there we go again with the mint!) Romany Creams.

The verdict? Lekker!

Watch the hilarious video from The Try Channel below to see what Irish people thought of our local snacks.

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