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From walking in on your toddler stuffing his face with chips in front of the TV at 3am to finding your kid knee deep in cement that’s just been poured, kids say and do the weirdest things. And that’s usually when the brown stuff hits the fan.

BossDT recently compiled a hilarious compilation of photos of kids that have done the weirdest or funniest things. By looking at these photos, we can’t decide whether the parents laughed or cried.

Adults usually use one, maybe two, straws when drinking something. Kids? Well, let’s see how many straws can fit into my mouth so that I know I can add even more.

One thing parents are usually jealous of, are that kids can sleep literally anywhere. If they’re tired, they’ll fall asleep without a hassle in the world. Whether it’s on the pavement with a pillow drawn by themselves with chalk, or on the carpet in the middle of a pile of Lego with their face ‘resting’ on some of the blocks.

Dressing up is always fun, even when you’re an adult. But, kids can literally get away with dressing up as whatever they want, and you can bet that somewhere out there is an adult who hoped they could have been this creative or funny. Especially when that costume is a fart.

Watch the BossDT video below for these and more hilarious pics of kids who just did their own thing… and the parents who couldn’t decide to laugh or cry.

Image credit: Pass It On

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