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Since Kristin Wolf and her dog Fenway have lived together, the two have rarely spent their time apart especially when it comes to their sleeping arrangements. The Lab/pit bull mix loves his cuddles especially with his mom, and Wolf doesn’t mind as she feels safest when Fenway is nearby. 

However, recently Wolf has been having doubt about their sleeping arrangements. “I always was waking up laying sideways or even at the foot of my bed.”

But Wolf didn’t want to blame poor Fenway, and decided that she needed find out herself why she is having restless nights. Wolf decided to buy a security camera and set it up in her bedroom to see if she can find the cause. Fenway didn’t have any clue that his nightly movements were being tracked. 

The next morning Wolf watched the video from the night, and what she found was not what she was expecting. Fenway was relatively calm during the night, however Wolf discovered that it was her who was disturbing Fenway's sleep. "What I learned was that I think it’s actually me who moves a lot. I didn’t realise he stays that close all night."

Wolf posted the video on Facebook and received hundreds of comments from dog owners who couldn't help but relate. Wolf wrote on Facebook, “So grateful my dog lets me sleep in the corner of his bed. This was actually a good night and he let me sleep in.”

Fenway suffers from blastomycosis, which is a life-threatening fungal disease, but after years of fighting the disease, Fenway is now in remission. One thing Wolf noticed in the video is that his health definitely changes the way he sleeps. "When he was sick he was even more cuddly. He was always under my arms as little spoon. Now, he’s back to preferring the bend of my knees."

However Fenway also have some bad habits when it comes to sharing. "He's a blanket thief and couch hog, too.” However, despite everything, Wolf wouldn’t have it any other way. 

"I’ve dumped a guy for saying he didn’t like that I let him sleep in my bed.”

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