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On a daily basis, orcas are on the hunt for seals, sea lions, fish, and squid. Even though these creatures have earned the name Killer whales, they are no threat to humans, and there have even been stories of killer whales protecting humans from sharks.

These black and white carnivores are extremely intelligent and adaptable. Recently, off the coast of British Columbia, a baby orca whale got stranded on a series of rocks while trying to catch a meal. According to us.whales.org, orcas can communicate and coordinate with each other to hunt more effectively. Unfortunately, in this case, it was not so.

Thankfully, a group of animal rescuers spotted the stranded orca and did their best to protect the stranded orca from death by exposure.

The little female orca was first spotted by one man who knew in his heart that he needed to help, so he called the animal rescue group, Guardians, from Hartley bay, British Columbia. By the time she was spotted, the little whale had already been stranded for hours, crying for help.

A few other people from For Whales also showed up to lend a helping hand. When some more volunteers arrived, they soon covered the whale with tarps and sheets to keep it cool and protected from the sun, while dousing her with water. To help the watering process to be even more efficient, the volunteers assembled a water pump, which helped them to keep the whale wet without having to go back and forth with buckets from the water.

The animal rescuers said it was like the little whale knew the volunteers were trying to help her, even though she cried out in fear.

A while later, the tide slowly began to creep up, however, it was still taking too long and the volunteers needed to continue to keep the baby whale wet. Eight hours after being stranded on the rocks the tide rose high enough for the orca to be able to move herself off the rocks.

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