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Building models is not an easy task, as it requires working on a miniature scale, having a steady hand and meticulous eye for detail. However one artists recently proved that hard work, an eye for detail and a steady hand pays off.

Miguel Angel Blanch of Modelismo Naval para Todos (Naval Modeling for Everyone) recently blew away the internet. He took his modelling career to a whole new level and has built the Flying Dutchman ship from the Pirates of the Caribbean movie. This project took a total of 10 months and 280 to 300 hours of work. 

And after that amount of time and dedication Blanch has faithfully recreated a much smaller version of the ship. What is even more fascinating is that he didn’t skimp on any of the details.

Due to the fact that the Flying Dutchman is a fictitious ship, Blanch had to base his plans on a real ship, the Vasa and had to adapt the plans to fit exact characteristics of the Flying Dutchman. After gathering all his materials, including plywood and electronic materials to add light and sound to the ship, he carefully placed the electronic component into the initial structure of the ship. 

One of the most fascinating details added to the Flying Dutchman is the series of pocket faces that line the side of the ship. In order to create that Blanch first tried a variety of materials  including resin, however ended up going with papier mâché. After those where created and attached to the ship, Blanch continued to paint several layers of thin paint to create the perfect ghostly blue-green colour.

However, the process didn’t stop there, and in fact the most complicated part followed. To sculpt the transom, which is the vertical section on the rear of the boat was the hardest part of all. It included a small sculpture of sea serpents in varying shapes and sizes devouring human beings. Yes, that even sounds difficult.

One of the final steps, which helped to bring the ship to life, was making tattered sails.

Check out Blanch’s detailed tutorial on how to build your own flying dutchman.


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