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As we have already seen, dogs are also  capable of incredible feats of bravery. One in particular pup named Patron, recently became a national hero in Ukraine for assisting the State of Emergency Service of Ukraine (SES) in detecting and clearing hundreds of Russian explosives.

The Jack Russel terrier’s bravery and heroism was recognised and for his efforts a medal was bestowed on him by President Zelenskyy himself.

On 8 May, Patron and his human Mykhailo Iliev attended a news conference in Kyiv. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau joined President Zelenskyy in the presentation. Zelenskyy stated, “In the presence of Mr. Prime Minister, I awarded our sappers today. In particular, a small but very famous sapper—Patron. A dog who helps clean our land from the traces of the occupiers, and who also helps teach children mine safety. Due to the Russian invaders, this is now one of the most urgent tasks—to teach children to recognise and avoid explosive objects.”

Patron appeared in good spirits all dressed up in his official black vest uniform for the special occasion. He was wagging his tail enthusiastically throughout the entire event. The tiny hero was greeted with a big round of applause from politicians and other spectators, while the medal was passed to his handler.

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