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A recent event involving a poor pup and a speedy car, proved that miracles do happen. While the driver was speeding down a highway in Italy at 80 mph, they suddenly struck a stray white dog who’d somehow ended up in the middle of the road.

Immediately after feeling the hit, the driver stopped and with no doubt expecting the worst. However, when he went to investigate they saw a real miracle. The lucky pup survived the crash given the speed at which the car had been traveling. The lucky pup become lodged in the vehicle’s front grille.

Concerned that the pup might still have some injuries, the driver called for help, and Jimmy Dotti of Italian Veterinary Ambulance was among the first on the scene to access the pup. The sweet pup was also in disbelief of what just happened. “In my many years of rescuing animals, I would say that this is one of the most miraculous cases,” said Dotti.

Rescuers firstly sedated the dog before removing him from the car. After examining the pup, it was found that he was left with only relatively minor injuries. Test also confirmed that the pup hasn’t sustained any brain or spinal damage. However the pup was left with a fractured front leg.

Rescuers named the dog Paraflu and soon he was set on the road to recovery. After the crash and still needing some time for recovery of his leg, Paraflu’s spirit remained intact.

Paraflu clearly got a second chance at life and his rescuers are sure that his future will only look brighter.

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