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While driving home from a movie, Karrah Crain and her boyfriend had an unexpected travel tagging along. Driving with the windows down, her boyfriend saw something on the side view mirror. They were shocked to discover a tiny frog clinging on to the mirror as though he is hitchhiking a ride.

The couple was shocked that the frog, whom they have named Geoffrey, was able to cling on while going about 60 mph. Crain immediately placed her hand near him just in case he looses grip. The little frog took the helping hand as an invitation and happily jumped into it. Crain gently placed him in the car, and he immediately felt safe. Crain wanted to find the perfect spot for Geoffrey who managed to find one himself. After assessing his new surroundings he quickly jumped to the cozy spot he identified. “That’s when he jumped onto the vent. He crawled in, turned around and sat like this for about 20 minutes until we got home.”

When they arrived home, the couple went to get Geoffrey out of the car, who clearly didn’t want to leave his new cozy spot. It seemed that he was hoping to stay there a little longer. “I had to shove the side of some sunglasses through the other side of the vent to poke him in the butt enough for him to come out. It was easier than it sounds.”

Once he finally got out of the car,  Crain carefully placed Geoffrey at a plant she has on her porch. He immediately settled into his new home like this was where he’d wanted to be all along. Clearly Geoffrey was meant to land on Crain’s car as he now has the best home with friendly people looking out for him.

“He just went about his day like he didn’t go on the ride of his life,” Crain said.

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