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Adorable goose named Frankie has an enormous heart filled with love and hold a dear place in his mom’s heart. And a recent event only proved that.

The other day Frankie’s mom Cait was home busy nursing her infant daughter. Suddenly the tranquility of that peaceful moment was shattered in an instant when an unexpected not so friendly visitor decided to pop in. While resting out side on the front porch, Frankie got caught in some trouble and started to call out to his mom for help.  

"We were in the middle of changing into pajamas and a feed before bedtime. I heard Frankie alert us.” It turns out the unexpected visitor was an eagle looking for a snack. The eagle came flying in and swooped down from the sky to attack Frankie. But fortunately his mom heard the call and immediately ran to action despite being occupied with breastfeeding her baby.

Watch the video posted on TikTok here: https://www.tiktok.com/@frankythegoose/video/7098527492289481989?is_from_webapp=1&sender_device=pc

Thanks to Frankie alerting his mom that something was curiously wrong. Cait came running out and was able to drive the eagle away in time while carrying her baby. "Frankie is doing great! She was a bit shaken up, but physically she’s fine — no punctures. I’m so proud of her. She knew where safety was and that Mom always helps her!"

Cait will go to far lengths to protect Frankie, whom she calls a "key household member."

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