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Milly the cat and her dog sibling Lupim’s relationship started off a little rocky. However, as most things take time, so did their relationship. After some time Milly and Lupim’s relationship blossomed into something special.

Their mom Amanda Alckmim, explained that Milly and Lupim came to love each other’s company. “They are best friends,” said Alckmim. However, after a recent trip to the groomer, Milly and Lupim’s relationship was tested.

Alckmim decided to take little Lupim to the groomers as his cute curly coifs become way too overgrown. She arranged for him to get a full clean haircut. But after returning home with his new fancy haircut, it was clear that Milly was left out of that arrangement. 

When Lupim arrived back from the groomer, Milly seemed to not notice her brother and treated him as a complete stranger. Milly clearly thought that Alckmim brought home the wrong dog.“It was super awkward,” Alckmim said.

Watch Milly's hilarious reaction to Lupim's new haircut: https://cdn.jwplayer.com/previews/sR3T0m2q

Fortunately, for Milly and Lupim, Milly soon realised that despite the change in appearance, it is still her old friend Lupim all along. Lupim is not only enjoying his new look, but he is also back at sharing some good times with his cat sister."Milly was shocked to see Lupim after the groomer. But they're now friends again."

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