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While just going about their day, the counselling staff at a high school in Northern California noticed a very strange sound that appears to be coming from the vents. The staff quickly realised the sounds were actually tiny meows.

The teachers immediately took action and was able to locate the kittens. However getting to them was another story. “On a Tuesday, we heard sounds coming from the vents, and we were able to see some kittens on the roof by the air conditioning unit,” Jeremiah Jones, one of the school counsellors explained. 

“The maintenance staff set a trap to try to trap them, and were able to trap the mom Wednesday morning, but not the kittens, so they let the mom go so she could try to stay with them.”

The maintenance worker was able to save three kittens on Thursday, however the meows still continued. Knowing there is more kittens in there, the maintenance worker climbed onto a desk, opened up the ceiling and started searching. After a few minutes he was able to get two more kittens to safety. 

“The counselling staff and a student office aide were in disbelief as our awesome campus maintenance man, Jake, was able to locate them and cut them out of the ceiling. The kittens seemed hungry and were crying out as they were rescued.”

After ensuring that all the kittens are in good and healthy conditions, the kittens were sent home with kind local families. 

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