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Have you ever left something on a specific place only to wake up the next day and find it somewhere completely different. Or have you ever left something out only to find it back on its place. And no, this time it is not your spouse cleaning up after you. You might be dealing with the same situation as retired electrician Stephen McKears of Gloucestershire, England.

McKears was puzzled after finding his small metal items in his toolshed being oddly yet neatly arranged. And no he didn’t arrange them himself. The retired electrician noticed that all his plastic clips appeared to be neatly placed in an old ice cream tub filled with peanuts (which he keeps to feed the birds). However more objects began to accumulate every day.

While still questioning his sanity, Stephen emptied the tub each night and scattered the nuts and bolts across his shed to see if it truly did happen. And every time he discovers that the mess had been cleaned by the morning. 

There was no explanation as to how it got neatly arranged. After a few weeks of finding things such as large screws, plastic leads, nuts and bolts strangely organised the next day, McKears and a neighbour installed security cameras after making a mess for the ‘intruder’. The footage hilariously revealed an industrious mouse who comes every night and tidy up. It might be a kind gesture for being able to have a safe and warm place to stay.

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