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Find out more about Avengers Age Of Ultron and Endgame in this impressive movie breakdown.

Marvel movies are incredibly detailed, with a ton of hidden features and easter eggs. Most of the time, though, we miss them because there's so much going on. That's why New Rockstars on YouTube are so awesome. They take our favourite movies and reveal their hidden world of secrets and clues.

In this case, they take a look at 2015s Avengers Age Of Ultron frame-by-frame and include references and clues to Avengers Endgame too. Host, Erik Voss gives us the rundown. "We do a breakdown for the hidden visual details that foreshadow Avengers Endgame, including Cap lifting Mjolnir, Iron Man's armour, the Infinity Stones, and the Time Heist."

With so much to miss, he asks us, "What clues did you overlook in Ultron's design and similarities to Tony Stark, and could Ultron return in Marvel's future?" He goes on, saying, "We find new details previously undiscovered relating to the history of Wakanda and Black Panther and the relationship between Scarlet Witch and Vision and how it could set up WandaVision."

There are even more questions. Erik asks, "How were Cap's decision in Avengers Endgame and the Avengers' "time heist" fully foreshadowed by subtle moments in Age of Ultron? How did the Avengers Age of Ultron opening scene foreshadow Tony Stark's death?"

All of these questions and more are answered in the video below. So, get ready for this high-paced and entertaining Avengers Age Of Ultron And Endgame Movie Breakdown.

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