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While out hiking and taking in the nature with his wife, Bjørn-Gunnar Lunde suddenly noticed the strangest thing on his wife’s shoe. It appeared to be a tiny or baby green watermelon.

Taking a closer look at the unique and tiny object, the couple realised that the little thing was actually a spider. “We could see that it was a tiny spider, and it had started to make a web. We gently put it on the ground where I took the picture.”

The unique little spider does indeed share the resemblance to a tiny watermelon or misshaped cucumber. These weirdly adorable spiders are  found in parts of Europe, North America and Central Asia and are mostly common between the months of May and September. However these little unique spiders are often hard to spot as their beautiful colour blend in with their surroundings.

These cute creatures tend to stay close to the ground and weave their webs between leaves and flowers. Cucumber spiders are great at hiding in plain sight, or in this case, confusing people long enough to get away. “I have seen similar spiders before, but not often.”

The little spider continued on her way looking like a tiny walking watermelon. Maybe she just needed the ride. 

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