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When you're a child, and you're watching cartoons, there are many things you don't notice. Whether it's sexual innuendos, adult humour, nonsense logic or even pictures included in the cartoon that you won't notice until you get older.

Also, as a child, you usually accept any information that you get. So when a cartoon has earphones on (but doesn't have ears), you don't see how that could make no sense.

But when you look back as an adult, you notice these little things. And you realize – this shit makes absolutely no fucking sense!

Think about Cinderella... How is it humanly possible that she is the only maiden in the entire kingdom with that shoe size? 

Or in The PowerPuff Girls – how do those girls play rock paper scissors when they don't even have fingers?

As a child, it doesn't even cross your mind. But looking at it now – cartoon and Disney logic kind of dropped the ball!

Look at these pictures for the funniest examples of cartoon logical fails!

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