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Two adorable cats named Sox and Phoebe, has always been a bit extra when it comes to drinking water. The two cats have been deeply in live with their cat water fountain until one day they wanted something even more fancy to drink water from. 

When it comes to something fancy, these two cannot resist. They did still drink water from their regular bowls, but they also drank from any “fancier” water sources they could find, which led to their mom thinking of a wild idea for a new fancy bowl. 

The cats’ mom explained that, “I had a bowl with moss balls that they loved to drink from. While we know cats prefer moving water, it made me wonder if cats also like to drink from water with plants, which makes sense instinctually to me. I love vivariums and paladariums, and I used to have an aquarium that phoebe loved to drink from. So, I was inspired. I had a bunch of aquarium stuff laying around and figured I’d just throw it together.”

Sox and Phoebe’s mom surprised the two by making them the fanciest cat pond the world had ever seen, which only took her one day. Even though it was a fairly simple project, the two’s mom hoped that their new bowl and her efforts would bring her cats, who enjoys having fancy options, endless joy.

“All I did was take a storage bin and add an aquarium filter. I decorated with rocks and plants. This isn’t really a new idea — people keep fish in tank setups like this — I just gave it a new purpose. The goal is a healthy ecosystem that enriches my cats.”

And off course she ensured that every material and plant used in the pond was safe for cats. She decorated the pond with chia, cat-safe orchids, cat grass, a spider plant, moss, rosemary and some flowers. After a week of final testing to ensure it is perfect, the pond was finally ready to be presented to her cats, who immediately fell in love with it.

“The cats loved it immediately. It’s like they knew it was for them. They’ve been drinking exclusively from there since I've set it up. Sox literally slurps from there. I even got a robot fish that Phoebe likes to play with.”

Now having the most fanciest drinking option in the whole world, Sox and Phoebe don’t want to drink out of anything else. It has everything they could ever want from a drinking bowl. And who said drinking water has to be plain and simple? Maybe it will even make it easier for us to drink water if it was a little bit spiced up. 

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